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This burners are for commercial or industrial use.

The burners should be installed by an experienced installer specialized with the installation of oilfired appliances.

If you pay attention to the following hints, you will be a part of the big circle of satisfied users of: CITERM MULTI FUEL OIL BURNERS.


Waste oil may contain many foreign materials. Waste oil may also contain gasoline. Therefore, specific precautions on the handling and storage of waste oils are to be observed when using, cleaning and maintaining this heater. Use a screen in a funnel when pouring oil into storage tank to catch foreign material, i.e., gasket material and sealant fibers, etc.

WARNING: This appliance is not designated for use in hazardous atmospheres containing chlorinated or halogenated hydrocarbons. Do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. These burners are designed to provide economic disposal of used oils. Used oil is an inconsistent fuel and may contain water and/or foreign materials witch may cause the unit to shut down. A secondary source of heat should always be provided to the building.

WARNING: Do not attempt to burn any grade of gasoline, paint thinners, or non approved fluids. Adequate ventilation must be provided in any enclosure where storage tanks, pump or accessories are installed.

Identical to any gas or oil burning appliance, without adequate draft over the fire, the combustion gases cannot escape the appliance. The flame will lengthen resulting in overheated combustion chamber. Even if the heated is installed correctly and adequate draft. Burning used oil is similar to burning wood. A fine gray ash accumulates in the chamber and flue passage. This accumulation of ash will eventually affect the draft. It is important to remove this ash before the draft is affected.

WARNING: Collect and store your oil continuously and be aware that: Water and Sludge are Not combustible! New motor oil does NOT burn!

VENTING: Failure to provide proper venting could result in death, serious injury, and/property damage. Units must be installed with a flue connection and a proper vent to the outside of the building. Safe operation of any oil-burning equipment requires a properly operating vent system, correct provision for combustion air, and regular maintenance and inspection.

WARNING: Any cases of consequential damage due to the failure of the space heaters and boilers during operation will be excluded.

WARNING: Turn off electric power to the unit before doing any service or maintenance on the burner.

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