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Multifuel burner must be installed in compliance with a number of regulations and requirements. It is therefore the duty of the installer to be familiar with all applicable regulations and requirements. Installation, start-up and maintenance must be performed with care.

Before installing CITERM Multifuel burner, please check the items supplied for completeness.

Scope of supply:

G-Series: Burner, mounting flange, flange seal, 7-th pole connector (plug), 8 meters of flexible oil line, Filter (optional )

Junior: Burner, mounting flange, flange seal, 7-th pole connector (plug), 5 meters of flexible oil Line, remote pump with flex oil line and suction floater and strainer

Functional description

The combustible is pumped from the storage tank by a Inbuilt pump ( remote pump-JUNIOR ) into the burner tank. A double floating switch regulates the level in the burner tank and turn off burner in case of overfilling.

Float switch in overflow tank stops the burner in case of spilling oil in the overflow tank. A thermostat regulates the oil temperature in the burner tank and switches on the burner automatically as soon as the regulated temperature is reached. An additional overheat thermostat prevents overheating. A special nozzle draws the fuel, by using the passing compressed air, which serves as primary air for the combustion, and atomizes it.

The combustion fan delivers the secondary air that is mixed with the spray mist at the flame ring. Thereby a perfect combustion and safe operating are guaranteed.

SIEMENS LOA 24 control box control all parts and monitor the flame by photo–cell.

The minimum supply pressure of 1,5 bar might be controlled by a air pressure regulator.

Gorionici na staro ulje - overflow tank


Gorionici na staro ulje - Fuels
  1. Floater
  2. Strainer
  3. Flexible oil line
  4. Remote pump
  5. Oil in the storage tank
  6. Burner
  7. Combustion chamber
  8. Boiler

The universal oil burners are suitable for use with a variety of natural oils, mineral based oils and synthetic oils. On account of their viscosity, these oils are not in conformity with EN 267 for oil burners. The burners are, therefore, not licensable. An inspection to determine suitability for the selected fuel type must be performed by the operator prior to acceptance of the installation.The design and degree of protection of the burner make it suitable for operation in enclosed rooms. When using synthetic oil – min. Mix it with 10% heating oil for start safety.

When use oil from plants – set oil temperature to „max“, because flash point is high.

When using heating oil EL – set oil temperature to „min“.

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