Gorionici na staro ulje - Junior

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CITERM Junior burner is lightweight, small and can be installed on almost every type of boiler. – Flame tube is 89mm in diameter, and 110mm long. – Junior can work with 3 types of nozzles: – 30609-11 (25kw – 35kw) same as GP – DA-2 (35kw -65kw ) same as G1p – 30609-49 ( 50kw – 85kw ) NEW!
JUNIOR must have external pump installed on the top of the storage tank.
-Compressed air is necessary for normal JUNIOR operation.
-230V 50Hz electrical system is necessary for Junior
-Consumption of heater is 700W and burner fan consumption is 66W

Gorionici na staro ulje - junior serija

Functional description

The combustible is pumped from the storage tank by a remote pump into the burner tank.
A double floating switch regulates the level in the burner tank and turn off burner in case of
Float switch in overflow tank stops the burner
in case of spilling oil in the overflow tank.
A thermostat regulates the oil temperature
in the burner tank and switches on the burner
automatically as soon as the regulated temperature
is reached.
An additional overheat thermostat prevents overheating.
A special nozzle draws the fuel, by using the passing
compressed air, which serves as primary air for the
combustion, and atomizes it.
The combustion fan delivers the secondary air that is
mixed with the spray mist at the flame ring.
Thereby a perfect combustion and safe operating
are guaranteed.
SIEMENS LOA 24 control box control all parts and monitor
The flame by photo–cell.
The universal oil burners are suitable for use with a variety of natural oils, mineral based oils and synthetic oils. On account of their viscosity, these oils are not inconformity with EN 267 for oil burners. The burners are, therefore, not licensable.
Secondary air regulator easy to adjust.
We use standard 7-th pole connectors.

Technical data

We use the most quality parts produced in EU!
SIEMENS control boxes & photo cells
SUNTEC pumps
WIKA pressure gauges
FIDA transformers
AACO motors
CEME solenoid valves
CAMOZZI air pressure regulators
DELAVAN nozzles
SCHRACK relays
CAEM thermostats
ELOBAU float switches

Technical data - junior serija
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